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Callus Peel

2013-11-27 15:11:30

Published on 2013-11-27 15:11:30
  • Softens hard calluses quickly.


  • Scrape and file them away.


  • Leaves clean and soft.


A busy and active lifestyle can lead to a build up of hard skin and calluses on the foot, maing this part of our body uncomfortable and unsighty. This special callus peel will leave feet feeling softer for longer. The callus peel is applied to the problem area, wrapped in cling film for 15 mins. then this allows the dead skin to be scrapped of quickly. You can see a difference straight away! 

After you have had the callus peel treatment you must keep your feet hydrated by moisturising your feet every day.

£37 callus peel pedicure

£20 callus peel

Please note: People that cannot have callus peel is pregnant ladies and diebetic

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